Appointment Requirement and Availability Updates

Hello everyone,

We will be making some important changes over the next 2 weeks which will change how our service works on a fundamental level.

Next week, we will be closed on Monday Jul 25th and Tuesday Jul 26th for various personal and business related reasons. When we return on Wednesday Jul 27th, we will start a move towards appointment only service.

From Wednesday Jul 27th to Thursday Jul 28th we will be heavily prioritizing appointments and walk-ins will no longer be guaranteed, however, they will be served if they do not conflict with existing appointments.

Starting Monday August 1st we will move entirely to appointment only service meaning that no walk-ins will be served. We will be accepting appointments online, over the phone, through text, or even by email depending on the specific service you need.

To offset the arguably lessened availability due to requiring appointments, we will also be opening Friday afternoons for appointments to improve our flexibility and lower the barrier to entry.