In The Final Stretch

Hello! I’m writing once again to give another much needed update.

Right now we are very close to our big day. Once again, no definitive dates at this point but we are just finishing things up. Our renovations are at least 98% complete and all we have between us and the public is some finishing touches and a code inspection! We’re also working to have our business appear on Google Maps and we should have a permanent listing by the end of the week!

You may have noticed some big changes to our storefront in the past two weeks since our last update. We finally have our very own logo in the front windows, some curtains to keep it cool when we’re closed, and even some LED lights in the left bay to give a flashy look at night!

Our storefront, now complete with new window vinyl.

In addition to the obvious exterior changes, we’ve been hard at work inside to renovate the old building and usher in the new style that will become our home! This is where I would like to offer the very first public look into our front room! It’s not entirely complete yet, but well beyond presentable.

Our front room, not quite entirely complete but well beyond presentable.

All in all, we’re getting oh so very close and I can’t wait to see you soon!


Getting Closer to Opening

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to give a little update on what’s been going on recently.

We’re slowly but surely reaching the end of our much needed interior renovations! The front room of our office has transformed entirely from what it once was. I can’t share photos of the inside quite yet but I’m excited to show it off at our grand opening-

About that, grand opening! I don’t have a date quite yet, but I’ll post an announcement as soon as I get a definitive time frame. We’ll be having a meet and greet with everyone who’s involved with the company and start taking our first walk in orders. We may even have some special deals for anyone who decides to come visit us on our first day!

Until then, you may have noticed a coming soon banner has appeared in the front window of our office!

Our storefront, currently with a coming soon sign in place of where our logo will soon sit.
Our front door with our new open sign, address, and debit card vendor stickers.

We’re finishing off some of the typical signage you might see around a store. That even includes having custom made vinyl wrapping made for the window with our branding! We’ll also be repainting our parking lot markings and moving the parking stops. In addition to this we’ll also be cleaning up the sidewalk and washing the outside of the building.

Even though we’re not open to walk ins yet don’t be shy to give us a call or send us an email! We are ready to serve even if we can’t allow walk ins yet. If you’re not sure how to get in contact with us, all of our contact information can be found right at the top of our home page!

Even if you know how to contact us, you may be wondering, what exactly do we do? The answer is pretty simple, do you have a computer problem that needs solved? If you answered yes, then you already know exactly what we do. From consulting for any number of IT related matters to simple computer repairs and software issues we are a one-stop shop for any of your IT needs! The best part of it all? We’re local and right where you need us to be, close to home.

The future is without a doubt very exciting and I sincerely hope to be seeing you soon!

~From our team to your family~

Kason Peeples
Owner and Founder
Peeples Computer Services.